“Character Assassination” Track Preview

Following on from Hammy Havoc’s debut release as The Orion Correlation (a remix of Love Clouds through his label, Voidance Records), Hammy is quickly following up with a sneak peek at another record of his from the Divine Debris EP, this time featuring entirely original work entirely composed, played and produced by the man himself. Character Assassination was premiered exclusively last night at Ministry of Sound Club in London, UK by DJ Flyboi F, now you can take a listen if you weren’t there!

Character Assassination is the first track of my debut EP as The Orion Correlation, Hammy Havoc gently easing people into the dark subject matter really. Divine Debris is literally a collage of the pieces of my life from the last six months since I chose to leave my ex-fiancee for reasons you’ll find out in a few upcoming interviews. This is all coming from a pretty dark place where I’ve felt a little lost at times, though I finally feel as if I’ve reclaimed my identity as to who I was before I ever met her and even before that. I got quite experimental in the months that followed as I moved out of social isolation and back into it several times to just gently disconnect from a world that had become quite alien to me and reconnect with who I am. The breakup left me with three questions: “what did you do to us?”, “what did you do to me?” and “what did I do to me?”, and that disjointed concept is reflected in my use of sprechgesang vocals and inspiration drawn from musique concrète. As promised, I’m giving you a window into the production of the EP and currently figuring out the technicalities of streaming myself in the studio so I can really give you a view into my world; watching me score commercials and movies might be fun! The Divine Debris EP as a whole is electronic music, it’s mainly tech house but with a bit of chiptune too, though it could also be described as IDM. It’s the most authentic music I’ve ever worked on, it’s raw emotion and an auditory document of how I felt in the months after that point in my life, there’s a lot of dark emotions and a lot of positive ones; this is a journey through the underworld and back into daylight. I’ll be playing some shows across the rest of 2014 including live sets with a full band and as a DJ with Lost & Found, fellow co-founder of Voidance Records– he’s also got a treat for you relating to the Divine Debris EP. Can you guess what it is yet?” – Hammy Havoc, The Orion Correlation